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Here you can see, what you can do, if you want to make a complaint. 

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Make a complaint - IDA Forsikring

If you have had a bad experience with us, or if we in any way haven’t lived up to your expectations, please contact Christina Mossin, Compliant Manager. She will then make sure your complaint will be handled internally in IDA Forsikring.I would like to make a complaint.

Make a complaint - Tryg

You are always welcome to complain to us, but you can also contact Tryg directly. You can do so if you disagree with the processing of your claim at Tryg. Please note that you do not need to make a complaint with both companies, IDA Forsikring and Tryg. We will pass the complaint on to Tryg if they need to look at it again.I would like to make a complaint.

Are you unhappy with the process of your insurance claim? Know your options and get advice from IDA Forsikring

Our Complaints Manager will help you go further and scrutinize your claim on your Accident Insurance. You only need to fill out the form, and we will do the rest.After you have filled out the form, we contact Tryg and request a file of the case for review. Based on the needed information provided by you and Tryg, we assess whether Tryg should review your insurance claim once again. As another option, we can guide you if there is a basis for the case to go to the Insurance Complaints Board.IDA Forsikring only acts as a supervisor, and we cannot overrule Tryg’s decision and change the outcome of your insurance claim. But we can help you with our assessment of your case, and we offer you a guide of possible options.There are two conditions to use the complaints guide:
  • You have Accident Insurance with IDA Forsikring
  • The Insurance Complaints Board is not on the case
Please fill out the form below if you would like a reexamination of the resolution made by Tryg. Our Complaint Manager will then assess your case, and you will get a phone call as soon as possible.Fill out the form and get advice from IDA Forsikring.

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If you have any questions or require insurance advice, please do not hesitate to call or email us. 

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