Does my insurance cover even if I haven't received my policy?

The simple answer is yes. A missing policy has nothing to do with your coverage. You are covered the second you accept an insurance quote. Read the following for more detailed explanation.

Understand your policy insurance and coverage
Once you take out a new insurance, it will cover from the date you have chosen (this does not apply, however, if you are changing insurance provider). When you accept an insurance quote, you should indicate when it should be in force. For example, if you stated that your travel insurance should start July 21, 2018, you are covered from that day.

When am I covered if IDA Forsikring is taking over my insurance from another provider?

If IDA Forsikring takes over one or more insurance from another company, we will arrange it and notify your current insurer. Please, be aware that you receive a policy document from us approximately one week before the insurance comes into effect. You are covered by your current insurance provider until we take over your insurance.

When will I receive my policy document (s)?

Once you have accepted an insurance quote, we will process it as soon as possible. We aim to deliver your policy document(s) within 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it takes longer. However, the insurance will cover from the moment you have accepted the quote. You will receive a policy document in your e-Boks or e-mail (depending on your choice). If you haven't fill in an e-Boks or e-mail subscription, you will receive your policy document (s) by regular post.Read more about turnaround time (TAT) and when you can expect to get your policy.

When is my car insured?

Compulsory liability covers from the day you register the car in your name, but if you choose another coverage - for example, comprehensive - then this covers your vehicle from the day you have accepted your insurance quote.

When is my newly acquired house or holiday home insured?

Holiday home and building insurance differ from all other insurance. Coverage applies the date you take over the property.

When can I see my new insurance on My Page?

As soon as you receive your policy document, you can log on to My Page and see your new insurance (but only when it is offered in cooperation with Tryg). Here's how to get a policy schedule.Log on My Page

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When will I receive my policy document (s)?

When is my car insured?

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<span>When can I see my new insurance on My Page? </span>


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