Classic car insurance

New product at IDA Forsikring - Classic car insurance with liability, comprehensive and storage insurance. You get a 25% discount if you insure more than one classical car.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance

If your car does not want to start or stop somewhere in Denmark, you can opt to add roadside assistance to your existing policy and move on fast.

DKK 0 in excess

DKK 0 in excess

You can pay down to DKK 0 in excess if your car breaks down and is covered by classic car insurance.

Spare parts

Spare parts

Even if your classic car is not registered, the insurance covers both car, spare parts and tools at your address.

What is Classical car insurance?

The insurance covers antique and classic cars. The following criteria to take out insurance are required:

  • The vehicle is between 25-29 years.
  • An auto is antique when it is at least 30 years old. 
  • The car is stored in a locked garage when you are not using it.
  • A 24-hour garage monitoring system is a prerequisite in apartment garages.
  • The vehicle is only for hobby driving and confirmation car ride tradition.

The purpose of the scheme is only illustrative. It is an extract of the insurance terms & conditions. Claim processing and compensation follow the rules stated in the insurance terms & conditions.

Liability insurance
Basic coverage

You are covered if you injure another person while using your classic car. Liability insurance coverage is mandatory.

You are covered if you damage a third party’s property with your classic car. Liability insurance is mandatory.

Comprehensive cover
Basic coverage

It covers damage to your classic car in the event of fire or explosion.

You receive compensation if your classic car is stolen.

It covers if your classic car is totaled after, for example, vandalism or an accident.

You will receive compensation for damage to your classic car in connection a break-in or a failing attempt.

It covers certain costs if your classic car is damaged or breaks down (due to engine stop) abroad.

Read more about breakdown cover abroad.

This is a type of additional protection on your car insurance that provides you with cover for legal expenses. This is for legal expenses that would arise if you decided to take legal action following a motor accident that was not your fault, and therefore it will turn out on your favor.

Optional equipment or extras is covered by the insurance. Please remember that when you take out insurance you have to inform us about the price of the extras.

Storage insurance
Basic coverage

It overs the car in case of fire, explosion and striking lightning. In addition, it covers theft of part of the car or the complete car, and damage caused by or attempted theft, and ultimately water damage. The insurance also covers the spare parts and tools that are currently located at your home address.


You have the possibility to add Tryg roadside assistance, so you can always call for help if your car cannot start.


This option means that not only the passengers but also you too, as the driver, are covered in case of accident and injury.


You can add on a zero excess as an option to your classic insurance.


More benefits with a classic car insurance

IDA Forsikring s indifferent to the age of the user of the car.
You can choose mileage up to 10,000 km annually.
You get a 25% discount when buying insurance for the 2nd and 3rd classical car.
The insurance covers year-round driving.
The insurance also covers rebuilt cars with time equivalent spare parts.