Caravan insurance

If you own a caravan for your car, it is a good idea to have it insured. When you have insurance, you can safely take a holiday in your small home on wheels.

Comprehensive and home contents

Comprehensive and home contents

Mandatory personal liability is granted by your car insurance, but you can avoid unpleasant expenses by securing your caravan and your belongings.

Road assistance at home and abroad

Road assistance at home and abroad

The option ensures you help and towing in Denmark. The comprehensive insurance contains roadside assistance abroad.

Save money by increasing your excess

Save money by increasing your excess

You can choose to increase your excess and save money on the insurance premium.

The insurance covers

The forms are indicative and are an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.

Comprehensive Insurance
Basic coverage

Your caravan is covered for damage caused by accident, fire, theft and vandalism. A comprehensive insurance is in many cases a requirement from your bank if you got a loan for the caravan.

With this option, you are in many cases covered if you need a lawyer because of disagreements with a counterparty. This can, for example, be in connection with an accident or when buying and/or selling a caravan.

A comprehensive insurance ensures you roadside assistance if you suffer an accident abroad. It can be, for example, an injury or a mechanical failure. If you also wish to be covered in Denmark, you must take out the option Extended Tryg Road Assistance on your car insurance. Be aware that your caravan must be registered at SKAT for roadside assistance.


This option covers your belongings in the caravan. This can be, for example, furniture, kitchen equipment and accessories. It covers your stuff in the caravan, for example, in case of fire, explosion, burglary, vandalism and robbery.

You have the possibility of adjusting your excess. For example, if you choose to increase your excess, the insurance costs for your caravan will be reduced. This means that you pay a larger part of the damage yourself.