Protect your business from financial loss with netbank insurance

Banks don't compensate for losses in case of hacking, leaving your business vulnerable to bankruptcy. Netbank insurance from IDA Forsikring ensures peace of mind, covering potential loss from professional hackers attempting to steal from your company

Provide extra protection to your business with Netbank Insurance
Explore our attractive netbank insurance for comprehensive coverage against cyber threats.

Reasons to invest in netbank insurance

Beyond the crucial peace of mind, there are three compelling reasons to opt for netbank insurance.

Zero insurance excess

At IDA Forsikring, your insurance excess is zero if someone attempts to steal from your business accounts. It doesn't get any cheaper than that.

Worldwide coverage

The insurance provides coverage globally, ensuring protection regardless of where the cyber threat originates. Note that coverage is limited to European accounts.

Favorable pricing

Enjoy the benefits of netbank insurance from IDA Forsikring at possibly the lowest price in Denmark, offering excellent value for your investment.

Additional benefits of having netbank Insurance

In addition to the three advantages mentioned above, there are other compelling reasons to have netbank insurance.
  • Favorable coverage for losses on deposit accounts and drawing rights, such as a cash credit.
  • The insurance also covers if an employee uses online banking from their home workplace through hardware/software provided by the company.
  • With insurance, you gain significant financial security in case of unwelcome events. In the worst case, the insurance can prevent bankruptcy.

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How IDA Netbank Insurance covers you

Below, you can find the terms and conditions for our netbank insurance and read all the details. IDA Forsikring is the distributor, but ADIS provides the insurance.If you have questions, feel free to contact ADIS at 70 27 70 72 or email

Frequently asked questions about IDA Netbank Insurance

Here, we address some of the common questions we receive regarding our Netbank Insurance.

When does IDA Netbank Insurance not provide coverage?

Please note that the insurance policy does not cover indirect losses such as loss of profit, operating losses, or similar. The policy also excludes coverage for employee embezzlement, publicly traded companies, or financial institutions.Additionally, it is a requirement that the company's IT systems are protected through firewalls and antivirus programs, which should be updated regularly.

How much insurance coverage should I choose?

The appropriate insurance coverage varies for each business. Considerations may include:
  • How much do we have in our accounts?
  • How large are our drawing rights (such as a cash credit)?
  • What transfer limits does our bank allow?

Call if you need help

If you have unanswered questions, feel free to reach out to us at 70 21 01 91. For inquiries about the policy or the content of Netbank Insurance, you can contact ADIS at 70 27 77 13.

Conditions & product information

Netbank Insurance

To view the insurance policy, kindly get in touch with ADIS by dialling +45 70 27 70 72 or sending an email to



Conditions & product information

Netbank Insurance

To view the insurance policy, kindly get in touch with ADIS by dialling +45 70 27 70 72 or sending an email to



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