Business health insurance

Business health insurance gives your employees quick access to competent treatment in case of illness, accident or minor health problems. Take care of your employees and prevent long waiting lists.

Avoid future concerns

Avoid future concerns

The insurance secures you and your employees during business trips.

Tailored insurance

Tailored insurance

You can shape your insurance according to meet your business needs and travel activities.

Financial safety

Financial safety

The insurance offers safety by covering financial risk related to travelling.

Did you know that...?

  • By taking out health insurance, there is an 11% lower risk of long-term sick leave? (source Insurance & Pensions).
  • Companies, with a health insurance scheme, have on average one week less sick leave? (source Insurance & Pensions).

It is a great idea for both your company and your employees to buy business health insurance.

What does business health insurance cover?

The table is only indicative, an extract from the insurance conditions. Any compensation will be calculated following the rules of the insurance conditions.

Healthcare insurance
Always with

The insurance covers pre-examination, surgery and post-treatment in a private or public hospital.

You have access to an examination and treatment by a specialist.

You are guaranteed pre-examination or treatment within ten business days - either through the public or private treatment system.

The insurance covers treatment by psychologist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, reflexologist and dietitian

If you have received a treatment that requires subsequent home care or nursing, you can get a refund of the cost from the insurance.

The cost of medicines related to hospitalisation would be refunded.

The insurance covers the cost of rehabilitation in connection with a course of treatment.

Danish Health Insurance has doctors and nurses attached who advise on health problems. If it turns out that your injury is not covered by insurance, you will be helped, as soon as possible, with a course of treatment in the public sector.


In addition to the basic coverage, you can choose addiction and detox coverage. This additional option covers the cost of treating alcohol and drug abuse.