Business car insurance

ADIS' business car insurance consists of the compulsory liability along with comprehensive insurance, which covers in case of damage to company cars and vans.

Your premium will not go up

Your premium will not go up

A filed claim in your company car will not cause a higher rate.

Favorable pooling scheme

Favorable pooling scheme

It is a resource management for the purposes of maximizing advantages and minimizing risk to IDA members. Large companies obtain better deals and lower prices than small companies.

Attractive basic coverage

Attractive basic coverage

For instance, filling up your car with the wrong fuel is part of the basic insurance. This is a coverage that is usually expensive as an additional option.

The insurance covers

The table is an illustration and part of the terms and conditions. Compensation will be estimated according to the guidelines found in the insurance terms and conditions.

Liability insurance
Always included

The insurance covers liability for injuries to other people caused when you use your car.

The insurance provides protection against claims resulting from damage to property caused when you drive your car.

The insurance covers the towbar of the car. However, if you are driving a trailer or caravan, then you need to insure them separately. Please read more about our caravan insurance and trailer insurance.

In case of an accident, regardless of the extend of the damage, it will not affect the excess that applies to the insurance. You can choose between an excess of DKK 5,000 or DKK 7,500.

Always included

The insurance provides protection against motor vehicle theft.

The insurance protects against damage to your car in case of fire.

Comprehensive coverage provides rescue abroad through SOS-international's Red Card scheme. 

The insurance provides legal aid if you are involved in an accident or injury where the court has to determine who is at fault.

Comprehensive cover protects against damage to the car's mirror glass, windshield, headlights and sunroof.

The insurance covers the expenses of misfuelling a car in Denmark - if, for example, you accidentally put diesel in a petrol car. We cover only one claim per year.

The insurance covers the cost of towing your car to the workshop and reopening the car's lock if you lose your car key. However, we cover only once a year. Please remember that car key cover is only available in Denmark.

Car repair delay cover compensates you (max. DKK 129 per day) in cases where you need to take your car to an auto repair shop for more than two days. We cover only one claim annually.

It covers injuries incurred in accidents involving no other motor vehicles and injuries being sustained by the driver of the insured vehicle.

The insurance offers a courtesy vehicle if you take the company car to an auto repair shop after a claim.

Special benefits

1-50 vehicles  You can take out business car insurance and insure up to 50 vehicles. It makes no difference whether you wish to insure normal cars, vans, trucks or trailers. The insurance is very flexible and it suits both large and small businesses.   
Claim frequency  We calculate your insurance premium according to all those claims that has occurred over the last three years. This benefits you because the total cost of any individual claim does not affect the size of the premium.   
Attractive savings & terms  As a member, you will benefit from savings and attractive insurance conditions, despite the number of vehicles you may have. This is only possible because we have a large variety of vehicles in our portfolio, and for this reason we can offer you a better and more favorable ground for negotiation.
Fixed excess  You have a fixed excess of DKK 5,000 or DKK 7,500 regardless the extension of your claim. Therefore, you will not pay a larger premium, even if it is a seriously substantial claim.  
Easy to switch insurance provider  If you wish to switch to IDA Erhvervsforsikring, we can handle the paperwork very quickly and without inconveniences. All you have to do is notify ADIS that you wish to take out business car insurance, and we will arrange the rest.