Office insurance

Office insurance is beneficial to all businesses that work in consulting and selling services. The solution consists of three insurance (including the statutory occupational accident insurance), which together provide you with the best coverage and several attractive benefits.

IDA Forsikring, in cooperation with ADIS, offers an advantageous insurance solution to you who have your own business.

Bound over for 12 months

Bound over for 12 months

If you take out this insurance via Aon and IDA, you only commit for one year at a time.

Premium savings

Premium savings

You can save 30% compared to taking out this insurance with another company.



Statutory occupational accident insurance covers employees if they have an accident at work.

What does office insurance cover? 

Office insurance offers the following three insurance:

  • Movable insurance
  • Statutory occupational accident insurance
  • Business- and product liability insurance

You can read more about how this insurance covers in our coverage table.

The table is only illustrative and extracted from the insurance conditions. Any compensation will be calculated in accordance with the rules of the insurance conditions.

Office insurance
Always with

The insurance includes movable belonging to the business office; including furniture, art, computers and other technical equipment.

Occupational accident insurance is compulsory for all employers and covers employees (both part-time and full-time employees) if they have an accident at work.

This insurance covers the costs that may arise if your company's product or service is defective or directly causing damage.

The insurance covers you, as a secured employee, if a third-party makes a claim against you in the exercise of your professional activity referred to in the policy.

All Risk terms involve a much broader coverage than you usually see - including:

  • Transit coverage
  • Coverage for work at home
  • Vandalism coverage
  • Legal coverage
  • Movable in cars
  • Cost of re-production of lost data, records and archives
  • Under-insured coverage
  • Operating loss in combination with additional cost coverage
  • Supplier and customer operating loss

The insurance covers legal costs of disputes in courts and tribunals around the world except for the United States and Canada.

However, the insurance does not cover expenses:

  • Covered by business and product liability insurance.
  • In a criminal proceeding.
  • In the case of debt collection.
  • In the case of a conviction, suspension, liquidation or bankruptcy.
  • Related to your or your employees' work, or loss of income, travel and stay.

If your occupational disability reaches 15 per cent or more, the worker’s compensation act entitles you to compensation.

The insurance covers deaths at work. You must contact the labour market insurance within 48 hours and report the situation. You can contact them on 20 42 63 97 or read more about the labour market insurance.

We cover the costs associated with treating an industrial injury.

The insurance covers accidental damage to eyeglasses or contact lenses. They will be repaired or replaced depending on the nature of the damage.

If a crisis occurs as a result of robbery, accident, assault, threats or burglary, you have the opportunity to receive crisis assistance.

The insurance covers the expenses of damaged clothing that occurs as a direct result of an industrial injury. However, there is a maximum compensation of DKK 5,000.

Simple administration ADIS customer service takes care of everything to make everyday life with IDAs Office Insurance as simple as possible, for instance:
  • Composition of your quote
  • Termination of your current insurance
  • Issue of your new policy
  • Provide good answers to your insurance inquires

All you have to do is accept a quote. We will offer you an insurance solution according to your current situation and wishes.

Few requirements

Another advantage of taking out this insurance with us is that you only have to inform us about the number of employees and the total movable value. We do not demand information about claims; you only have to sign a declaration of faith. However, for those with more than ten employees, you need to be aware that your business must have a monitored alarm system, one approved by a call centre.


We check the market on a frequent basis ADIS keeps an eye on how the market is developing, so you safely sit back, we will make sure to negotiate and put together the best insurance solution for you.  And if the market changes, we will respond to it and ensure that your insurance continues to have the right coverage in the best possible conditions.