I have got a new job

If you get a new job, it is worth checking your insurance policies. When your life changes, it usually impacts your insurance needs.

Do you have an accident insurance?

Your employer is obliged to insure you against work-related accidents. However, outside work the mandatory industrial insurance will not cover you. That’s why it’s a good idea to have accident insurance, so that you are covered when you are off work.

Does it take less or more time to get to your new job?

Please note that your driving habits will change with your new job. Perhaps your route to work is now shorter or longer? So remember to update your car insurance so that it corresponds with the mileage you drive every day.

If you drive fewer miles than you have stated, you might be paying too much car insurance. However, if you drive more miles than you have stated, you risk not being fully covered if you damage your car.

Has your salary changed?

Your supplemental unemployment insurance might need adjusting when you switch jobs. Will you be paid more in your new job? Or perhaps less? Please tell us about your salary because it affects your supplemental unemployment insurance.

If you don’t already have supplemental unemployment insurance, you can buy it through our insurance calculator.