Key Person Insurance

It can have unexpected financial consequences for your business if you or a key employee are on sick leave due to health issues or accident.

Take out Key Person Insurance and avoid financial loss and concerns. The insurance offers you financial reimbursement if you or any other key employee get ill or suffer an accident that requires long-term care.

Avoid financial loss

Avoid financial loss

The insurance covers oncosts salary when your employees fall ill. 

Compensation for stress

Compensation for stress

The insurance also covers if an employee is on sick leave due to stress.

Easy and flexible payout

Easy and flexible payout

You will receive, regularly, compensation directly to your company.

What does Key Person Insurance cover?

The table is only indicative and is an extract of the insurance conditions. Any compensation is calculated according to the rules laid down in the insurance terms and conditions.

Key person insurance
Always with

The insurance covers the loss of wage costs for selected employees who have fallen ill or have an accident requiring long-term sick leave (from three weeks up to 52 weeks). The company is paid a sum equal to the salary costs of the insured.

The insurance covers the salary oncosts of key employees who fall ill or have an accident and get sick for three weeks or more (up to 52 weeks).

If a key employee is placed on sick leave for three weeks or more (up to 52 weeks) due to stress, the company will be paid a sum equal to the employee's salary on-costs.


Other benefits of key person insurance

No health information

Many insurance companies require health information about you and your employees, but no ADIS.

No subtraction

Sickness benefits are not subtracted from the sum insured.

Avoid financial loss

The insurance combines health and operative loss; covering both the loss of salary and operating costs of key employees. 

Covers pass diseases

The insurance covers previous diseases (control, symptom, and treatment free for 36 months). 

Also for the business owner

As a business owner, you can also benefit from insurance. You can specify both yourself/company as policyholders and key employees.

Tax-deductible premium

The premium is tax-deductible as part of the company's profit and loss account. 

One or more employees

The insurance is suitable for companies with one or more employees