Questions about key person insurance

Here you can find the answers to your questions about our Key Person Insurance.

Who can take out Key Person Insurance?

Only members of IDA with a business can take out this policy. Only you can dispose of the insurance, even if you choose to insure one or more key employees.

Please note that the insurance terms and conditions (under 'Who is guaranteed, para. 3') state that the key employees must be behind a part of the company's gross profit and it has been stable for at least 12 months before taking out the insurance. ADIS and IDA Forsikring have negotiated a special agreement so that this part of the terms and conditions will not apply for IDA members.

How do I file an insurance claim?

We provide insurance in cooperation with ADIS and Købstædernes Forsikring. You need to contact Købstædernes Forsikring as soon as possible if you need to file a claim. The sooner you submit the insurance claim, the better. It will subsequently allow Købstædernes Forsikring to provide a service that ensures an optimal course of action.

Please contact Købstædernes Forsikring on +45 33 14 37 48.