Insurance conditions, product information and fact sheet

Here is an overview of what each insurance policy covers. Naturally, you can also download fact sheets or insurance conditions.

Insurance conditions

The insurance conditions provide you with a thorough review of all the covers. This is also where you will find any exceptions in the insurance coverage. The conditions also include the depreciation tables, amount limits and regulations regarding e.g. termination of the insurance policy.

There is a link below to the latest new insurance conditions. Your insurance policy will specify which insurance conditions (e.g. FA10 or UL04) apply to your insurance policy.

Private insurance

Business insurance

Student insurance

Product information

We have made it easy for you to find insurance that suits your life. Here you will find an overview of product information for the insurance we offer in cooperation with Tryg.

Fact sheets

Read the fact sheet to obtain a quick overview of the insurance coverage.

Dental insurance
General questions
Group life insurance (This fact sheet applies to Group Life Insurance purchased before 1 January 2020).
Moped insurance
Supplemental unemployment insurance