Business travel insurance

Business travel insurance is like a safety net for both the company and employees. Employees are covered 24 hours a day, and this insurance includes travelling around the world.

Whether you and your employees travel a lot or a little, you need a comprehensive solution where everyone knows that when you travel to represent the company, you are covered in the best possible conditions all day.

Avoid future concerns

Avoid future concerns

The insurance secures you and your employees during business trips.

Tailored insurance

Tailored insurance

You can shape your insurance according to meet your business needs and travel activities.

Financial safety

Financial safety

The insurance offers safety by covering financial risk related to travelling.

What does business travel insurance cover?

The business travel insurance consists of basic coverage and four optional coverings. The options you choose depend on your travel habits. Use the coverage table to get an idea of what coverings we offer, and which ones best suit your needs.

The table is indicative and is an extract from the insurance conditions. Any compensation will be calculated in accordance with the rules of the insurance conditions.

Business travel insurance
Basic coverage

The insurance covers repatriation if you or a colleague becomes ill. 

If you, or one of your employees, are admitted to hospital, transported back to Denmark or dies during the trip, the insurance covers the costs of transport, food and accommodation of up to three relatives.

The insurance covers the cost of coming home from a business trip. Reasons for repatriation include, for example, if one of your loved ones becomes acutely ill, gets injured or dies. It is also possible to get cover if you have had a break-in or there has been a fire or flood in your home.

The insurance covers if you or an employee is negligently treated by an authorised physician, who in Denmark would give the right to compensation under the Law amending the Law and Complaint and Access to Compensation within Chapters 3 and 4 of the Health Care System.

If you, or an employee, are unable to continue working due to an illness, injury or death during a planned trip, then you can reimburse the cost of transportation of another colleague that will later arrive to take over the job.

The insurance covers crisis counselling for you, or a colleague, in connection with a robbery, accident, assault, threat or break-in.

In the event of direct and imminent danger from war, warlike state, civil or political unrest, terrorist acts, natural disasters or life-threatening epidemics, the insurance covers the costs of evacuation, accommodation and food.

The insurance covers search and rescue expenses if you, or an employee, suddenly disappear.

In the event of terrorism, insurance covers the cost of home transport.

The insurance covers necessary and additional costs for repatriation to Denmark, for example, hotel, local transport and food.

In case of detention due to war, the insurance covers the cost of accommodation and domestic transportation for three months.

The insurance covers compensation if you or an employee (as a private individual) has incurred damage to another person or object.

If you choose to supplement with Option 1, you, or the employee, are covered in the event of disability or death.

Option 1 covers dental damage that occurs on a business trip.

Option 1 of the insurance covers lost earnings, medical check-ups and compensation for physical and moral damage due to assault.

Option 2
Always with

This option provides compensation for illnesses resulting in a minimum permanent disability of 5%.

Option 3
Always with

If you choose to supplement with Option 3, you have the option to reimburse the cost of essential medicines, clothing and toiletries if your luggage is more than three hours late (to your arrival at the final destination).

The insurance covers passports, credit cards, visas and airline tickets in case they are stolen or damaged on the trip. Transport costs, new passport photos and any fees will also be covered.

The insurance covers prepaid and non-refundable expenses for the stay n the event of a flight delay of more than five hours, for instance, additional costs for boarding and accommodation, as well as transport costs to and from the airport, are also covered.

In case your return flight to Denmark is delayed for more than five hours, the insurance will cover hotel and food expenses.

The insurance covers comprehensive claims concerning a car, motorcycle or moped that you or an employee has rented on a trip.

The insurance covers if you cannot complete the trip because you, or a close relative, die, become seriously ill or suffer an injury. You can also get coverage when your job ceases due to a labour agreement. The insurance will also provide compensation in case of fire, flood, break-in or storm damage in your home or company.

Option 4
Always with

The insurance covers extra transport, hotel accommodation and food because you are delayed and do not get on the plane as planned.

Special benefits of business travel insurance

 You are guaranteed a number of benefits when you invest in a Business Travel Insurance through ADIS, such as:

Premium savings

Many companies enjoy premium savings by choosing IDA’s Business Travel Insurance. We have a pooling system to make this possible, and this is how the individual company gets access to group benefits.

The insurance also covers family A spouse/partner and children are also covered if they come along a business trip, or a combined business and holiday trip.
Simple administration The insurance is established based on a basic idea of simple administration. Among other things, we do not regulate backwards and adjust renewals only if your travel habits vary +/- 20% or if the travel pattern in the different areas changes.