What is travel insurance?

“To travel is to live”, but if you have an accident, your trip quickly stops being fun. Especially if you aren’t insured. You will probably have to pay treatment costs.

Without travel insurance, you have the same rights as the citizens of the country you are travelling in (applies to EU and EEA countries if you have brought your blue social security card). This means that you are likely to pay for medical/hospital costs, as only a few countries have a free health service like in Denmark. Before you go abroad, it’s worth buying travel insurance, in case of an accident. If you are travelling outside the EU without travel insurance, then you are not covered at all – not even by your blue social security card.

What can I use my travel insurance for?

In addition to getting compensation for e.g. medical costs or hospital treatment, there are several other situations where you can use your travel insurance. Cover varies depending on where you buy your insurance.
IDA Forsikring offers:

  • Travel insurance that covers you in Europe or worldwide. 
  • One insurance that covers all your travel in one year. Although max. 60 travel days per trip.
  • Insurance that can cover the entire household and not just the person who has paid for the insurance.
  • Home transport to Denmark, if you or a family member becomes ill, is hurt or dies.

Read more about IDA Forsikring’s travel insurance.

Am I covered by my yellow social security card (health insurance card)?

No, not any more. The yellow social security card (health insurance card) only applies to doctor and hospital visits in Denmark. That’s why it’s important you bring your blue EU social security card to EU countries, as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
The blue EU card only allows you the same costs as those of the citizens of the country you are visiting. That’s why it’s also a good idea to have travel insurance. Without travel insurance, you might have to pay for medical help yourself. This could be expensive depending on the treatment you need.

How long does travel insurance cover me for?

How long your travel insurance covers you for depends. IDA Forsikring’s travel insurance covers you for a maximum of 60 days. You therefore need to extend your insurance if you travel for longer.
We work with Tryg Forsikring, and this is the company you need to contact if you want to extend your travel insurance.

Contact Tryg on +45 70 33 25 25.

Changed coverage

Please be aware that if Tryg extend your annual travel insurance to cover beyond 60 days, the following coverings are not included:

  • Replacement trip
  • Lost vacation days

These three benefits will be suspended during the entire trip.

Read more in the terms and conditions.