What is dog insurance?

Dog insurance is mandatory for all dog owners. The insurance helps you financially if your dog causes an accident or damage.

Dog insurance covers the liability you as a dog owner have if your dog e.g. bites another dog, so that it is hurt. The liability also covers if your dog damages other people’s property. The insurance doesn’t cover if your dog gets ill. However, you must take out one or more of the options if you want to secure your dog in case of e.g. illness, treatment and rehabilitation.

Which options can I choose from?

You are well covered from the very start, when you take out the basic coverage of this product. Dog liability not only covers the mandatory dog insurance, but also includes injuries to other people and damage to their stuff – e.g.:

  • Injuries to dog trainers
  • Injuries to dog walkers
  • Injuries to your children
  • Injuries to domestic helpers

If your dog gets sick

You can compose your dog insurance according to your needs by taking out options that cover your dog in case of disease, health conditions and treatment. Illness and Accident cover e.g. examination, treatment and surgery, while Treatment and Rehabilitation covers, among other things, post physical treatment after diagnosed health conditions or accident. You can also insure your dog with Teeth and Medicine, which covers teeth fracture and root filling among other things.

Travelling with you

If you travel often and wish to take your dog with you, you can take out the option travelling with you, which covers in case of acute needs for treatment abroad. The insurance also covers if your dog needs to be admitted to an animal hospital abroad. In case you need to extend your holiday while your dog is hospitalized, the insurance also covers accommodation for one person over the age of 18 and children if you are the only adult.

If you get sick and need hospitalization abroad, then you need your Travel Insurance. In this way, you not only ensure yourself, but also help your dog. With a travel insurance, we take care of finding a keeper for your dog and eventually transportation back home to Denmark if daily care for your dog is unavailable in the country you are hospitalized.