What is caravan insurance?

By insuring your caravan, you can enjoy a drive-yourself-holiday and leave your worries at home.

If you have a caravan, it’s worth investing in caravan insurance. Caravan insurance covers you for liability in case of damage, fire or theft. The insurance also covers a wide range of other cases.

What does the insurance cover?

There are different coverings, all depending on the insurance provider. If you take out insurance through IDA Forsikring, you are guaranteed a good cover at a reasonable and competitive price.

The insurance of your caravan basically includes a comprehensive insurance, which contains three parts:

  • Comprehensive (e.g. cover against accidents, fire, theft and vandalism)
  • Legal assistance (e.g. cover expenses for lawyer)
  • Roadside assistance abroad

In addition, you have the option to take out the following options:

  • Home contents insurance
  • Excess (adjust and meet your share of the cost when filing a claim)
  • Extended Tryg roadside assistance (help in Denmark including towing and passenger transport). It must be taken out through your car insurance.

Does the insurance cover liability damage?

If you have an accident where other people, their property or vehicle are hurt or damaged, it is the liability insurance on your car that will cover you. Your Caravan insurance will not cover you in this case. Liability insurance is mandatory for all car owners. It ensures that you are covered for damages where you are liable.

Would you insure your household contents?

If you have expensive contents in your caravan, it’s worth adding cover to insure these. Home Contents insurance is a supplement to the comprehensive insurance. This means that you need to add Home Contents insurance to your Caravan insurance.

If you want the insurance, you can either call our insurance advisers or fill out an insurance quote by using our online calculator. When you fill out your quote, please be sure to add Home Contents Insurance.