Tryg 'DNA-mærkning'

Mark your valuables with a unique DNA and avoid burglary at home.

Tryg 'DNA-mærkning' is a safety measure aimed to protect your belongings against theft. You can protect commodities such as your pc or bicycle, stuff thieves would love to steal.  When you purchase Tryg 'DNA-mærkning', you get a marking kit with safety stickers, some of them specially made for bicycle.

How does Tryg 'DNA-mærkning' work?

'DNA-mærkning' consists of a transparent synthetic liquid that you put on your valuables. The DNA can be analyzed just as human DNA, and that is how the police can localized the stolen item’s owner.

Why does it keep burglars and home invaders away?

The unique DNA would link thieve and your home together, and that is a good way of deterring burglars. It also prevents sell of stolen items because the police can easily track the owner. Besides the marking-kit, you get safety stickers to stick on your stuff and windows, warning thieves to stay away. If they use UV light they will see the stains straight away and your home becomes less attractive.

Tryg Insurance offers 'DNA-mærkning' in collaboration with SelectaDNA.

Tryg 'DNA-mærkning' is an optional cover to IDA TRYGhed. This means that you are not covered unless you buy it. You can purchase this cover by entering Tryg Forsikring’s website.

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