Stike and lockout: Am I covered by my Travel Insurance?

Your travel insurance does not cover lockouts and strikes whatsoever, even when you have added Cancellation to your insurance policy. However, there are some legal rights in this area that protect you as a consumer.

The Danish Consumer Council Think provides a résumé of your rights, which you can read more about here.

What are your rights as a consumer?

Lockouts and strikes may result in a total or partial suspension of air traffic. This measure usually causes cancellations and delays, and you may not be able to reach your destination or get back home.

Know your rights during a flight cancellation due to strike and lockout:

  • You can exchange the ticket for the next possible departure with either the same or another airline
  • Alternatively, you can get your money back and arrange an alternative itinerary yourself.
  • If you decide to fly on the next flight, your airline should provide you with food and drinks, but only when the flight delay is more than 2 hours from the original departure.
  • You are also entitled to free accommodation and transportation to the airport if necessary.

What can you do yourself?

Steps to follow in case of airline staff strike or employer lockout:

  • You should contact the airline or travel agent where you purchased the trip as soon as possible and tell them that you want a new ticket or a refund.
  • Turn up at the airport before the scheduled flight. Do it even during previous flight cancellation unless the airline has announced otherwise in writing.

No financial compensation for strikes and lockouts

Under normal circumstances, you can get financial compensation for flight delays and cancellations in the EU. However, this does not apply under exceptional circumstances such as lockout, strike, storm, force majeure, or war.

Nevertheless, compensation is available in some cases:

  • If your flight is part of a package holiday, you may be eligible for compensation.
  • An internal staff strike is behind.

What to do if you spot signs of an imminent strike

If the airline has announced a strike in advance, you can contact the airline to see if your flight will be affected. In the case of national lockouts, all airline flights would be affected and unable to take off.

You can request to rebook your flight already there. Request a refund if you need to follow your actual itinerary, and if you get one, try to arrange an alternative route yourself.

Find out if your flight will be affected by a strike or lockout:

  • Follow the airports' websites. They constantly update departures and arrivals.
  • Follow the news. The Danish media often writes about air traffic.
  • Check your airline's website. You can also find information about your flight there.