Book a tire change over

 If you have comprehensive roadside assistance, you can book a seasonal tire change over twice a year at a Tryg workshop. You can make a reservation via My Page.

Pay special attention to

Please note that you can only book a tire change over for the vehicle covered by your car insurance policy or the one you are authorised to use.

On 'My Page' you can authorise your partner access to your insurance policy.

Change your tires with Car Care

You can no longer purchase extended roadside assistance because the product is no longer available. This offer only applies to those who bought the product before September 23, 2020.

As an alternative, you can now buy Car Care, which includes tire change twice per year.

Read more about Car Care.

When is it best to change from winter to summer tires?

Wondering when to change to summer tires? We have created a guide to help you decide when to change to winter tires.

To learn more about when you should change tires.