When do you need winter tires or summer tires?

The weather in Spring and Autumn in Denmark is unpredictable, and the forecast changes all the time. It is not uncommon to go from sunshine and pleasant temperatures to frost and low temperatures. For car owners, this raises the question of when it is best to switch tires.

When do you need winter tires?

When the temperature falls below 7 degrees, it is time to switch to winter tires. The weather transition to Autumn at the end of October is a sign to make a booking for a seasonal tire changeover before low temperatures get in. If you postpone it, the workshop may be busy, and you will have to wait too long.

When do you need summer tires?

April is usually a good month to change to summer tires. In April, the risk of snow or icy roads decreases and summer tires are more suitable for the road. When Easter falls in April, many car owners see the holidays as an opportunity to change tires and make the car ready for the season. However, keep an eye on morning temperatures and wait for an average of 7 degrees before changing to summer tires.

Check the rules in other countries

If you are going abroad, remember that not all countries follow the same rules. In Sweden, for instance, it is compelling to use winter tires until the end of March. Now, if you are going abroad during the spring season, we recommend that you check out the rules of your destination and the countries you are crossing.

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