Skiing holiday: Insurance coverage explained

What insurance do you need to be covered if you suffer a bone fracture on your ski holiday or bump into another skier and injure them? Get help here.

The following insurance policies provide coverage on your ski holiday

Travel insurance:

The EU Blue Card covers medical and hospital care in EU/EEA countries (Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland), but it does not cover everything.  

Travel insurance helps if you need to be transported home to Denmark after an injury, an illness ruins your holiday, experience luggage delay, or travel outside Europe.  

You can incorporate extra insurance add-ons to your Travel Insurance: 

  • Cancellation covers you if you must cancel your trip due to illness or injury before departure.
  • If you bought your travel insurance AFTER 1.6. 2022 you need Cancellation before you pay for the trip.
  • If you bought travel insurance BEFORE 1.6. 2022 you need to add Cancellation coverage at least 12 days before departure to be covered.
  • Supplement for skiing covers ruined holidays or compensates for lost days if you suffer an injury on skis or snowboard.

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Home contents insurance:

Your Home Contents Insurance covers: 

  • The liability part covers if you rent ski equipment and accidentally damage it.
  • It also covers if you injure other people or damage their equipment on the piste.
  • The insurance also covers theft of your equipment, rented equipment or snowboard, sudden damage, or loss of it in transit. You can see the sum insured on your insurance policy.

Your parents' home contents insurance protects you until you turn 18.  

Several EU countries have made it compulsory to have liability coverage on your ski holiday. Personal liability is part of your home contents insurance.

If you need confirmation that you have private liability coverage, please write to us, giving your departure and return dates.

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Accident insurance:

Accident insurance covers injuries resulting in permanent damage of more than five per cent.

If you have the Direct Compensation option on your accident insurance, you can also get cash compensation if you break your leg or destroy your cruciate ligament.

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How insurance covers your ski holiday

You run someone else down: 

Home contents insurance provides coverage if you accidentally hit and hurt someone on the piste. 

Home contents insurance includes liability insurance, which covers you if you cause damage to other people, animals, or property. 

You get injured skiing:

Travel insurance provides medical treatment, medical transport, and, if necessary, repatriation if you have a ski accident. It also applies off-piste. 

You get an injury that causes permanent disability:

If you have a skiing accident that results in a permanent, deteriorating condition, you may be able to get compensation from your Accident Insurance.  

However, the permanent injury must lead to a disability of 5% or more. It is a medical assessment when an injury causes a permanent condition. 

Avoid injuries on your ski holiday

Please make sure you have proper safety equipment when you go skiing - it reduces the risk of injury. 

Whether an experienced skier or a beginner, adult, or child, please wear an approved ski helmet, back protector, and goggles. 

If you are a beginner snowboarder, please use wrist guards. 

In addition, the following aspects prevent ski injuries: 

  • Good physical condition
  • Good knowledge of the piste rules
  • Right ski fitting. If a ski binding is too tight, the ski will not release the boot during a fall. If necessary, get help from the renting or ski shop to adjust them adequately.

Take care of your skis or snowboard

Are you travelling with your skis or snowboard? Prevent theft. Buy a lock to secure your equipment while having lunch on the piste.