Roadside assistance questions

If you have questions about roadside assistance, you have come to the right place. We have collected the most relevant questions and answers here.

Can I get assistance abroad with comprehensive cover?

If you have comprehensive cover, you are entitled to roadside assistance from Tryg Vejhjelp Europe. For instance, if you break down during a journey or suffer a car accident. In addition, there are several other services you can get. 

Please check out here what Tryg Road Assistance has to offer.

Does Roadside Assistance cover jump start?

Yes, jump start service is covered. For example, if your car battery runs out of power, you can get jump start service through your roadside assistance coverage.

If an electric car runs out of power, roadside assistance will transport the car to the nearest charging station. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to recharge / start the electric car, which is why you can only have the vehicle transported to a charging station.

Who do you call if you need roadside assistance?

  • If you have roadside assistance, you can get assistance on the spot in Denmark if your car breaks down and it needs to be towed to a workshop. If you need this service, please contact Tryg Vejhjelp on 70 11 20 00.
  • If you have comprehensive cover, this includes, among other things, rescue service. It offers you an assistance programme abroad through Tryg Vejhjelp Europe. If you need assistance, please call Tryg Vejhjelp on 70 11 20 00.