Insurance premiums change are coming

In January 2019, you will experience changes in your insurance premiums. This is because we are introducing new basic insurance coverages and several optional coverings.


This is due to the fact that the premiums more than ever reflect the latent risks present in your and your co-insured's day-to-day life.

Premiums are adjusted according to number of members in the household, the risk of a break-ins, floods and damage to the car at the address. In this way, you pay more conforming to the measure and risk you wish or need to insure, which corresponds to the sound development of the insurance market today.

As a result of the new initiatives, some members will pay less than today for their insurance, while others will have to pay more. Overall, there is no benefit for IDA Forsikring, so premium growth for some members are offset by corresponding premium fall for other members.

We are implementing premium changes to follow the market. At the same time, we wish to offer both superior and expected coverage as well as competitive prices on the insurance policies you can take out through IDA Forsikring. In particular, we do this to meet the demand for new coverings from our members.