Online banking insurance questions

As online banking attacks and intrusions become more and more frequent, the need and demand for insurance protection also increase. But how is the actual coverage of your current online banking insurance?

With online banking insurance (Netbank Risk Solution), you are entitled to compensation if hackers gain access to the online banking account of your company. Without insurance, you risk bankruptcy as the bank does not provide compensation.

Online banking insurance covers:

  • Loss on deposits in accounts all over Europe, even if the account grants a credit card with an authorised bank overdraft limit.
  • Financial loss if an employee uses online banking from a home office (but only occurring with the hardware/software provided by the company).

As mentioned above, the insurance only provides compensation for European bank accounts regardless of the geographic origin of the cyberattack and intrusion.

To learn more about online banking insurance and how it covers.

Scenarios where online banking insurance does not cover

The insurance does not cover indirect losses (such as profit deficit, operational losses and the like), fraud by employees, listed companies and financial institutions. At the same time, it is a prerequisite for coverage that the IT systems of your business use firewalls and antivirus programs that are continuously and automatically updated. 

What sum insured should I go for my online banking insurance?

It is not always easy to estimate the size of the sum insured. To get a clear idea, you should probably consider the following factors: 

  • The total deposit you have in your accounts.
  • Your bank account available balance (the authorised bank overdraft limit).
  • The limit that your bank allows to transfer.

 In a few words, the higher the funds, the higher the insured sum.