Who is IDA Forsikring?

IDA Forsikring offers member benefits to you and your family, such as taking out insurance with good coverage at lower prices. As an independent association, IDA Forsikring safeguards the interests of its members.

IDA Forsikring is an independent association and is managed by its board, which independently decides the range of insurance products and price levels. There are no shareholders receiving dividends, only members getting professional advice.

Insurance premiums can be kept down because IDA members take good care of their property and because IDA Forsikring is run very efficiently. Its low operating costs support this fact.

IDA Forsikring's advisers provide all insurance-related advice and our partners, several insurance companies, handle filed claims. Our partners are Tryg, Topdanmark, ADIS, FRIDA Forsikring Agentur and Dansk Tandforsikring.

IDA Forsikring as insurance agency

As an insurance agency or intermediary, we buy insurance through our selected partners and can offer them cheaper to our members.

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How to save money with IDA Forsikring

Many factors determine the price of an insurance policy, and being part of a so-called group scheme offers opportunities to negotiate good terms and conditions based on homogeneous group pattern behaviour among the members of our group. It is a fact, for example, that IDA members are among the best in Denmark to look after their things, and therefore they can get low-priced insurance.

IDA Forsikring is an example of a group scheme where the financial wellbeing of its members is taken care of through IDA. IDA can simply negotiate terms in place for this large group, which members would not be able to do individually. IDA Forsikring has strong bargaining power with over 60,000 members and families, and the behavioural pattern of its members is supported by fewer insurance claims, which entails low-priced insurance.

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No shareholders and dividends 

In most commercial insurance companies, shareholders are making a profit from their investment. This is not the case in IDA Forsikring, where all the members constitute the ownership group, and we aim to achieve low-priced insurance with good coverage and not dividends for shareholders.

Self-service means low operating costs

IDA members are technologically skilled workers, and they are used to navigate online. This helps to keep operational costs down and consequently insurance premiums too. For instance, the vast majority of members go online and use our insurance calculator to take out insurance. This formula reduces operating expenses, keeps premiums down and boosts satisfaction, among them, in terms of 24/7 availability.