Your new child insurance

Here you can get more details on the new terms for your child insurance. You can also compare them with the terms of your previous insurance.

If you have a child accident insurance, you should be aware that it has changed its name, so now it is called 'child insurance'. Depending on your needs, you can choose among three covering options (Minimum, Basic and Super) and the opportunity to add a variety of supplements.

Look at the differences between child accident insurance and child insurance

Each child has their own insurance

If you have more children, they are now insured on each of their insurance policy, but you still are the policyholder and you still own the insurance. 

Extra disposable financial assistance

As a new one, child insurance offers an additional amount of DKK 106,827 (2019) to the parents if their child suffers a 30% or more permanent disability. The amount will not be deducted from the final compensation for the child's lasting disability.

Extreme sports for children

All children under the age of 18 with child insurance are automatically covered by all forms of sport, without costing you extra. However, you should be aware that dental damage caused by martial arts is not covered.

If your child is over the age of 18, you only have to choose extreme sports as option if your child is a member of a club and practices a sport that is categorized as extreme.

Check out the list of sports categorized as 'extreme'.

Compare child accident insurance with child insurance

We have made simple charts so you can easily get an idea of how your new child insurance covers and compare it with your current insurance. The green markings indicate improvements, while the red markings indicate restrictions.

New optional coverings for your child insurance

Immediate Compensation - get DKK 10,682 for bone fractures

Immediate compensation is a new option that covers if your child accidentally suffers a bone fracture. If you take out this option, you will immediately receive a compensation of DKK 10,682 (2019) and in case of multiple  and simultaneous bone fractures, you will receive DKK 16,025 (2019).

Extended help in case of accident 

This new optional cover offers cleaning assistance for up to 20 hours, and if your child needs to go to treatment, you are entitled to be driven to the treatment place and back again up to six times.

Chewing Injuries

If you take out this covering you can get the necessary but reasonable expenses for dental treatment covered if your child suffers a dental trauma while eating.

Illness - a lump sum payment

If you extend your child insurance with this option, you will be paid a lump sum if your child is diagnosed with certain serious illnesses. This one-time payment is calculated as a percentage of the insurance sum DKK 640,962 (2019). Take a look at which diseases are covered by the insurance terms and conditions.

Critical illness

This is a new optional covering, where you receive a lump sum - one time payment- of DKK 106,827 (2019) if your child is diagnosed with certain critical illnesses.
You can see which critical diseases are covered by the insurance terms and conditions.

Do we have the right information about you?

It is important that you provide us with the accurate information about you and your family. You can see the information we have about you on My Page. Please look after weather:

  • Birth dates and names are properly spelled.
  • If your child is 18, then it is time for your child to be the insurance taker.
  • You have a child under 1 year without a child insurance.

If the information does not fit, it will affect how you are covered and the price you must pay for the insurance.