We are new parents

As new parents, a lot of questions that arise - what should the new little one be called, and how should the children's room be decorated?

With the questions also comes great responsibility. That is why it is good to check the insurance policies and consider how you can create the safest enviroment for the child. 

Have you purchased child insurance?

We recommend that you buy Child Insurance. In 2011, it was decided that the municipalities may no longer take out collective accident insurance for schools or institutions. It is therefore very important to have private accident insurance which helps if an accident occurs.

The insurance is free for your child's first year of life.

You can take out the insurance through our online insurance calculator, but you are of course also welcome to contact us if we need to do it for you.

The child is covered by the contents insurance

Your contents insurance covers everyone in the household, including the new little one. The child will be covered by the standard cover, but also by the optional covers that you may have chosen.

When you are on maternity leave

If you haven't already gone on maternity leave, it's probably just around the corner. To help you well on your way, we have collected a number of good advice for your maternity leave and what you should pay particular attention to.

Get more information about maternity and insurance.