Inherit and Cohabiting insurance

IDA Forsikring offers you immediate, effective and professional legal assistance. 

Life is full of many unpredictable changes. Some people get married, others can commit to each other without marriage or simply have other priorities. Some people choose to have children. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not turn out right and people get divorce and move away from each other, or tragically leave this World early leaving an inheritance to those left behind. Whatever your situation may be, it is good to have access to legal advice and help. Therefore, IDA Forsikring now offers you legal advice and representation in any unexpected event.

10 hours of legal advice

Inherit and Cohabiting insurance gives you access to annual legal counselling. You are entitled to 10 hours on annual basis, and you can use this service in preventive measures such as pre-nuptial agreement, will, distribution of family assets and eventual access to children.

Inherit and Cohabiting insurance covers also legal counselling and assistance during disputes regarding family and inheritance Laws. These usually concern divorce, custody, will and inheritance issues.

The insurance is provided by HELP Forsikring.

Example of how to use 10 hours of legal advice

Inherit and Cohabiting insurance

If you buy Inherit and Cohabiting insurance, you have the possibility to obtain advice from HELP lawyers who specialize in family and inheritance law. For example, you can get help to draw up a will appointing a guardian for one's child/children, or receive assistance on how to handle a child custody case.

Obtain legal assistance and advice on the best way to draw up a division of property agreement, which terms and conditions shall apply to a divorce and, for example, who will take over the apartment you purchased together.

With Inherit and Cohabiting insurance, you are assured advice and assistance regarding the practical issues you need to deal with in the event that one of your next of kin dies. We can help you get an overview of how the estate should be handled and what you should do in relation to your dealings with the probate court. 

Get advice on how best to handle matters relating to inheritance and how you may be able to completely avoid falling into conflict. HELP lawyers will assist you in preparing a will or advise you about what rights you have in the event of a conflict concerning inheritance.

Receive help to draw up a will.

You can use your insurance to prepare a prenuptial or cohabitation contract with the assistance of HELP lawyers, who specialise in family and inheritance law.

Get some counselling and useful advice about how to solve issues with your neighbors. The insurance offers you the possibility to get assistance in a neighbor dispute within the legal frame:

  • Issues regarding a common fence.
  • Issues concerning compliance or cancellation of easements.
  • Noisy neighbors, blocked views, smell and shadowing trees.
  • Dispute about unclear boundary lines.
  • Compensation as a result of self-administered justice.


The form is indicative and is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.

You recieve up to 93% off

The annual premium is 1430 kr. The estimated market value for 1 hour of legal assistance is 2000 kr. The actual market value of our product is 20,000 kr. This means that you save up to 93% if you use the 10 hours you are entitled to.

You can for instance get legal counselling and create a will or a pre-nuptial arrangement right after you accept your quote. Please, be aware that you are responsible for covering eventual public registration expenses. 


Inherit and cohabiting insurance currently offers legal advice before, during and after a dispute breaks out. There is a dispute when the parties involved strongly disagree and the case ends in the courtroom.

  • Legal help in disputes and court cases concerning family-, inherit- and neighbour.
  • Legal advice during the entire case, from the initial meeting, contact and negotiation to the case has been finally settled after a trial.
  • It covers legal cost up to 1 1/2 million DKK if the case has to be settled through the legal system.
  • It covers personal and eventual case expenses.
  • 10 hours of preventive legal advice on annual basis from HELP Forsikring-lawyer.
  • Aid concerning meeting arrangements and legal documents.

 The insurance exclusively assists in these legal areas (family-, inherit- and neighbour law):

  • Child cases
  • Divorce and separation
  • Probate
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Will or testament
  • Prenuptial and cohabiting contract
  • Neighbouring disputes
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The insurance does not cover situations where you are already aware that the damage has occurred. This means, for example, that you cannot receive assistance if:

  • The authorities are already involved in the case
  • You have already received a letter e.g. from the public administration

The following are examples of cases that are not covered:

  • Cases covered by the Social Services Act
  • Immigration cases, including matters of asylum, residence and family reunification
  • Adoption cases
  • Cases of succession
  • Contractual matters*

*If you need advice in relation to these issues, they are part of your IDA membership.

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If you take out Inherit and Cohabiting insurance, you are entitled to receive ten hours of legal advice every year, and not only in the event of a dispute. You are therefore welcome to use your insurance as a tool to prevent any future conflicts. In addition to the ten hours of advice, you can also use legal representation in connection with disputes for an annual sum of DKK 1.5 million. 

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There is not such a thing as qualification period for legal counselling. You are entitled to contact HELP Forsikring and get legal counselling as soon as your is active by simply accepting your quote.

Yet, there is a qualifying period for disputes concerning family law (child arrangements) and neighbor law. The period expands 6 months from the moment the insurance is active. There is not legal assistance during this qualifying period.

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