General terms of purchase

Here you can read about the terms and conditions currently in force when you purchase insurance at IDA Forsikring.

Right to cancel an insurance (private insurance)

You are entitled to cancel your purchase of a private insurance. The right of withdrawal depends on three situations:

  1. You have talked to one of our insurance advisers when you purchased your insurance.
  2. You have not spoken to an insurance adviser, but used our online insurance calculator when you purchased your insurance.
  3. Your insurance has been changed and you are therefore entitled to change your mind.

You may read more about the right to cancel in section §34i and 34e of the Insurance Contracts Act.

Cancellation/cooling off period

You always have 14 days to cancel your insurance and the start of the deadline depends on how the agreement has been concluded, please see item 1-3 previously mentioned above. Have you talked to one of our insurance advisors when you purchased the insurance, the deadline starts at the end of the following situations:

  1. From the day you have been notified that you have purchased the insurance.
  2. Or from the day you received a clear written notification of your right to cancel.

For distance selling (that is, you took out the insurance online), the cooling off period starts at the end of the following scenario:

  1. From the day you have been notified that you have purchased the insurance.
  2. When you have received the information we are required to provide by law either by mail or letter.

The deadline for coverage changes follows the rules described above. You should be aware that changes are only in the form of an extension of the cover that can be cancelled.

The 14-day cancellation period is calculated as follows: If your insurance comes into effect on Monday the 1st and you have received the information on Wednesday the 3rd, your cancellation period extends to Wednesday, 17th. If the cancellation period expires on a public holiday, Saturday, constitution, Christmas eve or New Year's Eve, the deadline expires on the following day.

Particularly regarding Fire Insurance

We would like to bring to you attention that for fire insurance for your villa, holiday home or property, the right to cancellation is limited by § 60 of the Financial Business Act, so that cancellation is conditional on you documenting within the 14-day period that the building fire insurance has been taken out in another company with retroactive effect.

How to deal with insurance purchase regret

Before the cancellation period expires, please let us know that you have regretted your purchase. You can notify us either by post mail or mail. You may need to prove that you have sent the message before the deadline expires, we therefore suggest that you can send a recommended letter and save the receipt.

 For cancellation during the cooling off period, please send a letter to:

IDA Forsikring
Kalvebod Brygge 31
1780 København V

Or send an e-mail to

Write to us

Information on advice

IDA Forsikring can provide advice on the insurance policies sold.

Information on remuneration

All employees in IDA Forsikring are paid on fixed salary. IDA does not pay any sales bonus or sales commission to its employees.

Payment and Payment solutions

You pay your insurance through by entering the bank details of the account from which you wish to pay the insurance. The amount will be deducted from your account when the insurance begins.

When you take out insurance through, you will be automatically enrolled in Payment Solutions (through Nets) on the account number that you provide at the time you filled up your quote. If you take out the insurance during a meeting or conversation with one of our employees or intermediaries, the registration will only be made after an agreement with you.

If you do not sign up for a payment solutions, you will receive  a paper invoice.

Receipt for taking out insurance at

We do not store the information about your purchase at in a way that will allow you to receive a copy of your receipt later. Please remember to save the receipt you receive at your email address immediately after confirming your purchase.

Start of insurance

The insurance starts at the agreed time. By purchasing at, however, no earlier than the date of confirmation of purchase. IDA Forsikring issues the insurance policy number in Danish and first communicates in Danish.

Payments in addition to current premiums

If you have purchased a travel insurance and you have received medical pre-approval from our partner Falck Global Assistance, it costs DKK 200. The assessment of your chronic or existing illness applies per. trip.

Are you already covered by other insurance policies?

When purchasing an insurance or service, be aware whether you are already covered by a similar insurance or benefit. If you have confirmed that IDA Forsikring can terminate your previous insurance, we will do so, otherwise you will have to terminate any equivalent insurance and services in other insurance companies or with other providers.

Car- and Fire Insurance in another company can only be terminated by IDA Forsikring.

Prerequisites for the premium of the insurance

At the end of the insurance quote you will have to provide relevant risk information. These are the details we or our intermediaries need to calculate your insurance premium. We use them to assess the risk and determine the premium and terms. 

Incorrect facts

If you provide false information in connection with the purchase of your insurance, Tryg may cancel your insurance with retroactive effect. If the data provided is incorrect, it may result in reduced compensation or no compensation. This follows from the Insurance Contracts Act. It is therefore important that information concerning is precise and solid.

Fees and charges

There must be paid risk management insurance fees/charges to the State Treasury of the price of the insurance. It constitutes 1.1% of the premium of your insurance and is payable every time you pay your insurance premium.

Environmental fees amount to DKK 84 per year. On liability car insurance you will be charged an environmental fee of DKK 90 each year. The environmental fee goes to finance the compensation paid to the owner of a car that is scrapped and to defray the cost of waste fluids, failed parts, tires, and other hazardous waste disposal.

Floods and storms fees amounts to 60.00 DKK per year. The charge will be collected as part of the fire insurance for building and home contents. The fee goes to a fund to compensate damage after storms. In the case of storms, insurance companies pay indemnification for replanting private forests.

If you have not subscribed IDA Forsikring in e-Boks or have subscribed to My Page, it costs DKK 82.50 on annual basis as policyholder, disregard the number of insurance policies you hold.

When paying through Payment Solutions (Nets), we charge a fee of DKK 9,50 per insurance. If the premium is not paid on time, we will send a dunning letter with a dunning charge of DKK 100,00 to cover additional administrative costs.

Keep reading about fees and charges

Your web self-service universe

On you can log on to 'My page' - your personal web self-service universe. Here you can find information about your current insurance and claims.

Personal data and cookies

When a premium of insurance is calculated or you purchase an online insurance, we process your information to conclude, manage and fulfill your contract with us. See the Data Protection Regulation Act. 6. 1 (b).

You can read how IDA Forsikring addresses information about you in IDA Forsikring's personal data policy:

Your premium is calculated automatically based on the data you entered online, for example; address, number of people in your household, and previous claims. You can always talk to us if you want to know more about how we employ all the information you've entered.


If you do not agree with our decision, please contact our complaint administrator.

Read more about complaint administration.

If you are still unsatisfied, you can also contact the Tryg Quality Department at

If your inquiry is still unsatisfactory, then please send a complaint to:

The Insurance Complaints Board

Anker Heegaards Street 2

1572 Copenhagen V

Tel. 33 15 89 00 between kl. 10.00 - 13.00

A complaint to the 'Board 'must be submitted on a special form, which you can get in Tryg's Quality Department or at The Insurance Complaints Board. It costs a small amount to appeal to The Insurance Complaints Board.

If a dispute concerning the insurance contract is brought before the Court of First Instance, this shall be settled under Danish law by a Danish court and following the Code of Conduct concerning the jurisdiction.

The EU Commission's online complaint portal can be used to file a complaint relating to the purchase of insurance if you live in another EU country. When filing a complaint, please provide Tryg's email address:

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