How do I change my insurance?

If you need to change one or more of your insurance, please use our contact form. We will then update your insurance.

Please find below examples of the most frequent changes:

Increasing the insurance amount

If you want to increase the insurance amount for e.g. your house contents insurance, please contact us and tell us what you want to increase it to. The same applies to your other insurances.

Buying or cancelling a cover

If you want to buy or cancel a cover, please write to us and tell us what you want to add or cancel.

House contents insurance

If you have house contents insurance and you want to add 'electronic malfunction', please write to us. The same applies to all other additional cover.

Car insurance

If you want to e.g. cancel the comprehensive cover on your car insurance, please write to us. It is mandatory to have liability insurance for your car. That’s why you can’t cancel liability insurance.

Travel insurance

Contact us if you e.g., want to buy a cancellation cover for your travel insurance. If you want to change your travel insurance so that it covers the whole world instead of Europe, or vice versa, please contact us.


You can change your excess for one or more of your insurances by writing to us and telling us what you want to change your excess to.

Contact us if you change address

When you get a new address (new telephone no. etc.), please tell us via our contact form. Please also state when the change applies from.