Did you remember home contents insurance before your ski holidays?

The latest figures from Forsikring & Pension show that 31% of young people between 21 and 24 do not have home contents insurance. But did you know that if you go on a skiing holiday without having one, you cannot get help if you get involved in an accident and injure someone?

First and foremost, let's make one thing clear. Local law enforcement agencies abroad are usually stricter in imposing safety rules on the ski trails. If you accidentally collide or have an accident where you injure someone else, you will not get assistance. As a result, you can face significant personal and financial consequences, as the law obliges you to pay compensation for the damages you cause to other people. In particular, if the blow occurs on the ski slopes. Many claims end in local courts in France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

Did you leave the nest?

Young adults do not realize how important it is to have this insurance. It provides compensation if your belongings are stolen or lost in the fire or water damage. What's more, the insurance includes liability coverage, which is the one that will help you if you accidentally cause harm to other people or damage their items - both in Denmark or abroad.

Figure out whether the insurance policy of your parents covers you

It has probably been the case for some time. Our Home Contents Insurance product covers our members' children until they turn 21 and still live alone if moved out. However, as soon as you leave the nest, you need to manage on your own. Among other things, you need to decide which insurance policies you need. 

Home contents insurance is one of them, maybe the most vital insurance policy because it protects personal items. In addition, it is helpful to have one when you have an accident involving others, for instance, on a skiing holiday. Picture injuries so severe that the injured person needs medical care and physical help for several years.

Learn more about which insurance products we recommend to young people.

Many young people neglect this insurance because they think they do not own many things of value. They even bypass the fact that it includes liability coverage, which ensures that they do not have to pay from their pocket if they cause harm to someone else or damage their things.