Get your bike ready for spring

After a long winter of snow, sleet and frost, your bike probably needs some repairs. Spring is here, and it is the perfect time to spring clean and repair your bike

  • Clean your bike thoroughly so that it is spotless and free from winter salt residues.
  • Check your chain for wear to the more expensive cassette and chainrings. Use a steel brush and oil or replace it if necessary.
  • Check your tyres, look for a wear indication dimple. If it has disappeared, it is time for new tyres. Similarly, if you can spot cracks in the rubber, it is time to replace it.
  • Secure/tighten cables.
  • Clean and grease your lock and gear.
  • Tighten the chain.
  • Remember that your Home Contents Insurance protects against theft.
  • Did you know that your Home Contents Insurance covers your inflatable bike helmet -such as Høvding - if it breaks in a road accident?