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  • I have accepted my quote but I haven’t received a policy – why?

    New policyholder
    Once you have accepted your insurance quote, we are immediately notified. We then process your quote. We strive to have your policy ready within two to three weeks. Occasionally the processing time takes a little longer. The processing time does not affect whether you are covered or not. As soon as you have accepted your insurance, you are covered.

    Switching insurance companies
    If IDA Forsikring is taking over your insurance from another company, we will send a cancellation notice to your current company. You will receive your policy approx. one week before the insurance begins with us. Your current company will cover you until IDA Forsikring takes over the insurance.

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  • Where can I find my policy if I have an insurance that is not offered by Tryg?

    My page is a collection point, where you can only see the insurance we offer in cooperation with Tryg. Therefore, if you have one or more insurance policies that we offer in cooperation with another partner, do not log in to My Page.

    Instead, please contact the relevant partner or find the online policy:

    • Contact ADIS on phone 70 27 70 72 or send them an email at if you have a business insurance.
    • Log on if you have a Supplemental Unemployment Insurance.
    • Contact Mølholm Insurance at phone 65 20 21 20 if you have a health care insurance.
    For two of our insurance policies; a certificate, insurance or coverage confirmation is attached. Each document serves as a proof that you have purchased the insurance. If you have questions, for instance, about the certificate, please proceed as follow:
    • Contact IDA Forsikring if you have a group life insurance.
    • Call Danish Dental Insurance at 70 20 46 47 if you have a dental insurance.
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  • Who can be insured in IDA Forsikring?
  • How can I keep track of all my insurance policies?
  • How do I change my insurances?
  • Why does it say Tryg Forsikring on my policies and my claims?

    Ida Forsikring is an insurance broker. We have decided to provide some of our insurances together with Tryg Forsikring. That’s why it says Tryg Forsikring on your insurance policy; Tryg Forsikring handles our damage claims. You should therefore contact Tryg when you want to report any damage. Everything else – from advice to insurance tips – is handled by IDA Forsikring.

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