Get extra 15% off your insurance

IDA Forsikring's prices will be even cheaper for you if you collect all your insurance with us. You can get an additional 15% discount on our already low prices.

You can get discount on your home contents-, car-, building-, holiday home-and accident insurance.

How to get IDA Gold

Requirements for getting IDA Gold discount
  • You must bundle all household insurance with us.
  • You must have home contents insurance and at least one car-, building-, holiday house- and / or accident Insurance with us.
  • You can choose IDA Gold in our online insurance calculator when you buy insurance.

Step by Step Guide: Get IDA Gold and save more money

Are you unsure about how to get IDA Gold and achieve 15% discount? Read on and get the discount as soon as possible.

Do you have insurance with us, but not yet IDA Gold

  1. In order to get IDA Gold, you must calculate in the insurance calculator the quote (s), and you have to meet the requirements (you must at least have home contents insurance, plus a car-, building-, holiday Home and / or accident insurance) .
  2. Select the insurance policies that you are missing. Remember to flag the IDA Gold.
  3. Now you can see what your IDA Gold premium is.

Do you have no insurance yet with us and want IDA Gold

  1. If you do not yet have any insurance with us, you can calculate a total quote for the insurance combination you need and which meets the requirements for IDA Gold.
  2. When calculating your quote, it is important that you tick off IDA Gold. Once you have done it, you can see your IDA Gold discount. If you come from another insurance company, we will cancel your previous insurance for you. Just write the name of your former insurance company and policy numbers.