Defect and accident insurance

Have you dropped your new cell phone or did your kid put his jam sandwich into the DVD player?

With a Defect and accident insurance (an additional coverage to Home Contents Insurance) you do not have to decide whether or not to buy an additional and expensive insurance every time you go shopping.

Sudden damage

Sudden damage

The insurance covers if you stumble over the carpet and your glasses break in half.



The insurance covers all electronics. Therefore you don't need to buy single retailer's product insurance.

Additional coverage

Additional coverage

Defect and accident insurance is a popular oprtional coverage. It covers internal and sudden damages.

The insurance covers

Defect and accident insurance

The insurance covers malfunctioning of your electronic appliances, e.g. if your 3-year-old washing machine stops working. Your electrical appliances are covered for 4 years from the date of purchase.

Sudden damages to your home contents, e.g. if you drop a jar of beetroots on your white couch.

The form is indicative and is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.


Defect and accident insurance is an optional addition to your home contents insurance. The annual price is 619 DKK (index 2018).

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Examples of internal damages

  • The TV or the computer suddenly stops working.
  • The washing machine keeps washing nonstop.

The defect and accident insurance covers all internal damages to electronic appliances legally sold and used in Denmark. These are defects occurring with no apparent explanation.

The defect and accident insurance covers functional defects to your electronic appliances bought as new for 4 years from the date of purchase. 

If you buy a used electronic device, it is covered from the date you obtain it and up to 4 years from the original date of purchase. Any damage must be ascertained and claimed within this 4-year period. Remember, there is a deductible of DKK 500 per claim

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Examples of sudden damages

  • You spill red wine and ruin your couch.
  • You accidentally push the computer on the floor and break it.
  • You spill coffee in the keyboard on your laptop causing it to breakdown.
  • You trip on the rug losing your glasses and break them.
  • You hit an expensive lamp with the vacuum cleaner and break the glass
  • You drop your digital camera on your holiday and break it.pill red wine and ruin your couch.

A sudden accident is an accident due an external and immediate cause. The cause and effect must occur at the same time. Notice, there is a deductible of DKK 1,000 per claim.

The insurance covers sudden damages to almost all private home contents.

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You buy insurance to protect you and your belongings, but when an accident happens, it is not always in your interest to file a claim.  If you file several times, for instance, that you dropped your smartphone in the toilet, this could actually have a direct impact on your rates. Think about it before you file a claim and consider whether the item is worthy before, you contact your insurance company. Is it worthy to file a claim for a microwave to 700 DKK? Would it not be better to file a claim in case of a more valuable item?

Please remember that before you file a claim you have a deductible of 500 DKK for malfunctioning and 1000 DKK for sudden failure.

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Examples of defects/damage not covered by defect and accident insurance:

  • Damage to motorised garden tools, electric scooters and electric objects for outdoor use only.
  • Damage that consists of scratches and peeling or any other cosmetic damage, such as colour differences.
  • Damage caused by wear and tear, poor maintenance, incorrect treatment, incorrect connection, incorrect repair or damage caused during repair.
  • Defects in and loss of software, data etc. and pixel errors.
  • Damage covered by a guarantee, service scheme or seller’s liability according to purchasing legislation.
  • Intentional damage or damage caused by gross
  • Damage caused by animals.
  • Soot damage from non-regulation fuel burners/fire places, candles, oil lamps, pans and similar.
  • Used equipment that was damaged at the point of sale.
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