Coronavirus and travel: Coverage explained

Last October 15, 2021, your travel insurance started to cover as usual. However, remember to check out the requirements for travellers arriving in and from your destination.

Last October 15, 2021. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs normalized the travel rules after the pandemic. This development means that the travel guidelines no longer follow colour indicators according to the COVID-19 situation in the country but other security factors such as terror, war, and unrest.

The revision means that your travel insurance covers again as before the corona outbreak.

Check travelling rules and restrictions before you leave

Several countries continue to be affected by corona. Although the travel guidelines of UM no longer see Covid-19 as a critical threat, you should be aware that several countries and regions are still affected by Covid-19 and subsequent restrictions to a greater or lesser extent.

Please remember to:

  • Visit the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs at
  • Select a country and read the travel advice
  • Go to the section with General Recommendations
  • Click on the "entry and quarantine rules, and testing requirements" link (red colour, in the middle of the page).
  • Please, read the Travel Restrictions section on the unfolding page.

It is your responsibility to keep up with rules and travel restrictions. For example, the insurance policy does not cover if you are rejected by the airline or on arrival because you do not meet the vaccination or testing requirements.

Follow government guidelines

We recommend that you always comply with the UM guidelines and the regulations of the authorities.

Please note that the authorities may discourage all travel to an area/country if a new concerning variant of COVID-19 breaks out, just as the UM may advise against travelling abroad for other reasons.

When and how do I file an insurance claim?

We evaluate the claim three days before departure when, for instance, you do not meet the entry requirements and wish to benefit from your Cancellation coverage. You can file an insurance claim online.

File a claim online via My Page at


Below you can find the most common questions about travel and corona.

You can find more information about travel and corona at (in Danish)

Before the trip:

I have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 12 weeks. Does Cancellation cover if I cannot travel now due to entry restrictions because I cannot present a negative test on arrival to my destination?

If you already have Cancellation coverage and purchased the trip before testing positive, Cancellation will provide coverage.

If you consider buying a trip and tested positive within the last 12 weeks, you should take a new PCR test. If the test is negative, you can go ahead, and Cancellation will provide coverage. On the other hand, if you test positive and still buy a trip, Cancellation will not provide coverage."

I need a document verifying my travel insurance for my entry form/tourist visa. How do I get one?

Before we can send you a document, you need to send us an e-mail with the date of departure and return, destination, name and SSN of all travellers belonging to your household, and whether you all got the vaccine jabs.

Write to IDA Forsikring here

Does Cancellation cover if I or someone from my household come into close contact and therefore are unable to travel?

Cancellation covers if the authorities require self-isolation before departure, and for that reason, you will not be able to travel.

When have you been in close contact? Learn more at

Does the insurance cover if I buy a trip to a country closed for entry at the time of purchase and is still closed upon departure?

Your cancellation insurance does not cover if you purchase a trip to a country with restricted entering requirements when you book/buy it, and the entering restrictions are still there upon departure.

What do I do if my corona test before departure is positive?

We regard a positive test for COVID-19 as an acute illness, even if you are asymptomatic. Cancellation coverage protects against this event.

What about if the purpose of my trip is not possible, for instance, if I am going on a ski holiday and the local authorities closed down the ski area?

Cancellation will cover if a country such as Austria closes ski resorts, you can document that you were going on a ski holiday and there is no point in going there anymore. However, this is only possible if you booked the trip while the country was still open.

What if a country enters a lockdown or closes its borders due to corona restrictions?

If you are about to travel there on holiday, we encourage you to follow the current situation via the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel guide, the Danish Embassy in the country, and the media. We also recommend you contact your travel company or provider to hear how to proceed.

If your tour operator cannot help you or the airline and hotel cannot refund the expenses, Cancellation coverage will help you. IDA Forsikring offers this extraordinary measure, even though the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not advise against travel to the country.

Does the insurance cover the cancellation of the trip in case of reinforcement of restrictions requirements such as three days obligatory quarantine upon arrival?

The insurance does not cover it because the country is open, and the purpose of the trip is still there.

Does Cancellation cover if local authorities require a 3rd booster jab to enter the country, and if the Danish health authorities cannot provide it to any traveller under the insurance policy before departure?

Cancellation provides coverage if the local authorities introduce this requirement after you bought the tickets, and the Danish health authorities cannot offer or provide the 3rd booster jab before departure.

How does Cancellation cover if I recently had COVID-19 and would like to buy a new trip?

Cancellation covers if you buy your trip after you have recovered from COVID-19, even if you keep testing positive or have post-covid persistent symptoms before departure.

On the trip:

Does the travel insurance cover if I must quarantine during the trip because I, or someone under the insurance policy, test positive for COVID-19?

If this happens, the insurance policy covers additional accommodation, food, and a new return ticket if the original return date is outdated. However, it is a precondition that you travel while your destination is open, have been vaccinated or recently recovered from COVID-19.

Does the insurance cover if I must quarantine during the trip because I come into close contact with someone that tested positive for COVID-19 and is not travelling with me?

If you quarantine because you, or your companion, come into close contact and test positive for COVID-19 during the trip, the insurance covers additional costs for accommodation, food, and a return ticket if the original date is outdated.

In addition, your travel insurance covers quarantine if, according to local authorities, you come into close contact with someone unknown that tested positive for COVID-19 (e.g., another passenger on the plane). We cover hotel and a new fly-ticket home.

Does travel insurance cover the cost of COVID-19 tests on arrival or departure or any requirement for ongoing testing during my trip?

Your travel insurance does not cover the cost of PCR/antigen/antibody during your visit.