Car Care

Car care is an option for IDA members with car insurance willing to take good care of their cars. For a monthly payment of DKK 79, you get a car wash, seasonal tyres changeover and check-ups.

Pay DKK 79 per month. It is all you need to do to take good care of your car.

You no longer need to keep track of car washing, switching and storing tyres.

With Car Care, you do not need to worry about when it is time for a car wash, seasonal tyre fitting or check-up. We will let you know when it is time so you can book one of Tryg's certified workshops throughout Denmark. We will also send you a wash code valid across the country.

We also store your tyres, saving you the additional cost of tyre storage.

Car care is easy and safe – and you get a good deal and the best price.

Please keep in mind that...,

Car care is only valid for one car. In addition, you must have IDA Car Insurance. 

Unfortunately, you cannot combine Car Care and Extended Roadside Assistance because one replaces the other. You can only do it with Standard Roadside Assistance.

What's included when you buy Car Care?
Basic coverage

You can have a car wash every month. We will send you an SMS text message or e-mail with a code that you can show at the petrol station when you want to wash the car. You will receive the code after you have a car wash booking. You cannot use the same code more than once.

You can change tyres, winter and summer, on the car covered by Tryg Car Care. Only a certified workshop connected to Tryg Car Care can do it. Book a reservation on My Page, where you will find information about available workshops.

Please note that the service includes two changes of tyres (mounting/dismounting a tire on a rim) annually, and this service does not include changing tyres from one set of car rims to another. 

Please read here when it's the best time to change from winter to summer tyres.

Tryg Car Care covers the storage of the four tyres you won't be using.

You need to book tyre storage as you book for tyre fitting (seasonal changeover) on My Page.

You can always pick up your tyres from the storage location, but you must contact them before.

Please note that workshops do not store wheel bolts, wheel locking bolts, and wheel hubcaps. The staff hands them over to you during the change of tyres.

Also, be aware that you will not get a price reduction if you do not use this service or choose to pick up your wheels/tyres between the seasonal change of tyres.

When you change tyres, the workshop will automatically perform a check-up of the car. Please note that you cannot order a seasonal check-up separately.

The seasonal check-up includes:

  • Control of oil level
  • Visual control of the steering
  • Visual control of brakes without separation
  • Visual control of tyres
  • Tyre pressure check
  • Checking headlights and lights
  • Check the shock absorber system
  • Visual control of windshield and other glass
  • Checking wiper blades and washers
  • Visual control of spokes

Once the workshop has carried out the seasonal check-up, you will receive a completed control form. Please remember that this service does not cover a previous agreement with the workshop regarding repairs, spare parts, liquids and oil replacement during the seasonal check-up.

Find a workshop near you

See the map with all the workshops where you can use Car Care.

*Please be aware that the workshops are not always available.