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Excess and do you have to pay it, what to do if you damage a car you have leased abroad? Get answers to these questions and much more here.

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Yes, if you have comprehensive cover and your car needs service, then Tryg Reparation will provide a loaner car. This benefit is only available in Tryg Reparation's workshops.

Learn how to get a loaner car  and more about Tryg Reparation at

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Yes, this may happen. As an insurance company, we are obliged to leave the car in the same functional condition as previous to the incident. However, if this can be done properly by using unoriginal and/or used spare parts, then we reserved the right to request the workshop to do so.

You entitled to decline the reparation of, for instance, the car, accessories, spare parts or tools. Instead, you can choose a cash refund equivalent to the reparation service you turned down.

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  • There is no excess when damage is caused by fire, explosion, lightning strike, theft or crash
  • There is no excess if your car is damaged in a traffic accident and you get the required data and information from the part at fault, for instance, the registration number. of the other par involved.  
  • If you took out comprehensive coverrage but file the claim on the car's liability lone, then you are not required to pay.
  • Excess applies only once with comprehensive when both vehicles involved are damaged in a claim. 
  • If you are under 26, there is an excess of at least DKK 6,081 (2021) You can change excess on My Page when you turn 26.
  • Please note that young people under the age of 26 are required an additional excess of DKK 3,342 (2021) if they are fault. However, this is not the case if you are registered as the owner/user of the car or if you took the Young behind the wheel (applies to your children and grandchildren as the policyholder).

The above applies to our new car insurance product (terms & conditions no. 1815).

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The following is a list of the top ten things you should do if you are in an automobile accident.

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Are you unsure about what happens if a rock hits your windshield? Then you can read more about it here.

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Need to now information when hiring a car, motorcycle, scooter or moped abroad.

Learn more about what steps to follow if you damage a vehicle you have rented abroad.

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It has consequences in the following situation: if you file a claim against your car insurance and later decide to buy a new car within three years. When you take out new insurance, you must indicate the insurance claim you have filed on your previous policy. This incident will affect the premium on your new insurance.

Please note that only serious claims will affect the next car insurance you buy. The premium of your current car insurance will not go up.

What is a serious claim? 
An incident where you have to pay an excess is one example. Another could be a situation where you receive coverage for an excess free claim, for instance, a collision with a deer, serial vandalism or falling objects on the car. ‘Excess Free’ is an optional cover for car insurance.

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How to submit a claim on your car insurance?

Who you need to contact depends on the nature of the damage.

Damage to the car:

If you need roadside assistance:

Windshield repair and glass claims: