Coronavirus: things you know to know when travelling during COVID-19

We’ve gathered the most relevant facts you should know about COVID-19 and how your travel insurance covers you under the present circumstances. At the moment, cancellation covers if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs changes its position and advises against travelling to your destination after you’ve paid for the trip.

Cancellation covers if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark(UM) advises against entry to a destination.

  • Your trip must be more than 12 days ahead before you purchase and add cancellation to your travel insurance.
  • You can only choose a green or yellow destination without further requirements according to UM to be eligible for compensation in case of a ban days before departure.

To check the colour code for your destination, please go to 

Cancellation of a planned holiday at a holiday cottage/home in North Jutland?

Tryg decided to cover, as an exception, the cancellation of booked holiday cottages/homes in North Jutland. 

You can contact the travel claim department on +45 44 20 26 27

Do I have to transfer the remaining amount/next rate for my upcoming trip to an orange/red destination?

Independent travel 

  • Before paying for your booking (stay, flight, etc.), please contact your booking provider to hear whether it is possible to postpone the amount due. 
  • You always need to follow the rules set by the provider and pay the total amount if this is required.
  • You will then have to wait, and if needed, please contact Tryg travel claim department on tel. 44 20 26 77 for cancellation at least 24 hours before departure if your destination changes colour to orange/red according to

Package tour

  • If you have purchased a package holiday, we recommend that you contact your travel provider for details. You need to follow the terms of payment to be eligible for compensation.
  • You will also have to wait and eventually contact Tryg travel claim department on tel. 44 20 26 77 for cancellation 24 hours before departure if your destination changes colour to orange/red. Please visit 24 hours before departure.

These instructions are necessary to ensure that you follow the rules and be eligible for compensation.

Also, cancellation only provides coverage when you do not receive any compensation from your travel provider.

I’m planning a trip

Coverage is only available for green or yellow destinations and without any demands and restrictions for travellers coming from Denmark. This guideline about purchase and booking of travel follows the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (UM). Please visit

Also, shortly before departure, travel instructions must change to orange or red before being entitled to compensation.

Please visit My Page to see your travel insurance and verify whether you have cancellation coverage, and you can also file a claim if necessary.

Does cancellation cover yellow destinations with travel restrictions - e.g. a 10-day quarantine for travellers from Denmark?

No, only orange or red destinations, according to UM’s instructions, are eligible for coverage. For more information go to

Did you book or purchase a package tour?

A package contains several services, e.g. hotel and flights, so you need to contact your travel agent to postpone the trip or compensation. Your travel agent should refund the full amount after a trip cancellation following the daily updated instructions coming from the UM. If you have purchased the travel through an intermediary – e.g. a website that sells travel for a travel agent, they are bound to the rules in the same way.

Did you buy a flight?

If you have purchased a plane ticket and the airline cancels it, then contact the company for a refund. The airline would probably offer you a voucher or a rebooking. You have the right to decline this offer and demand reimbursement of your expenses. 

Have you purchased other travel services such as a hotel or car rental?

For other travel services, contact your provider (hotel or car rental company) and request a refund of expenses under their sales regulations. If you do not receive a refund, then you can send your original travel documentation to Tryg’s travel claim department, including other documentation proving that you have not received a refund. Please keep in mind that if you accept a rebooking, then that is your compensation, and the insurance will not provide additional remuneration.

Tryg Forsikring provides further information

IDA Forsikring has a partnership with Tryg Forsikring for travel insurance and cancellation coverage.

For the same reason, we also recommend that you visit Tryg Forsikring’s website to get additional information about how to deal with the situation as a customer during the Corona pandemic. provides more information about: 

  • Cancellation of travel – your rights?
  • Payment of booked holidays
  • Airline bankruptcies
  • Travel home before time
  • Coverage if I travel to a country that UM labels as orange or red.

For more information, visit Tryg Forsikring’s website