Coronavirus: Things you should know when travelling during COVID-19

Find answers to the most common questions about corona virus, travelling, travel insurance and cancellation insurance.

The official travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs determines whether your cancellation insurance and travel insurance covers you on your trip.

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advice against travelling to a destination, the destination will be orange or red on the official travel advice. Yellow or green destinations means you can travel.

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Before you buy a trip

Your cancellation insurance only covers you if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice means that your destination is green or yellow at the time you book or buy your trip and the destination then changes to orange or red just before you leave.

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If you buy cancellation insurance

Your trip must be more than 12 days ahead when you purchase or add cancellation to your travel insurance in order for you to be covered.

The destination must be green or yellow on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice when you buy cancellation insurance.

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Tryg Forsikring brings additional information

IDA Forsikring has a partnership with Tryg Forsikring for travel insurance and cancellation coverage.

For the reason we recommend that you can also visit Tryg Forsikrings website for addinational information on how to deal with the situation as a customer during the Corona pandemic.

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Holiday in Denmark

It does not cover entry to governmentally restricted areas because of the high Covid-19 incidence rate. However, it covers if you become acutely ill, including with Covid-19 and cannot go on vacation as planned.


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Cancellation does not cover if you have booked a large holiday home for, let’s say, 12 people, while there were no gathering limits, and you now wish to cancel because recent restrictions do not allow gatherings of 12 people.


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Cancellation does not cover this situation.


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Yes, Cancellation covers holidays in Denmark, just as if you were going abroad.


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