Travel insurance

It is important to remember that the EHIC does not fully cover the cost of your medical treatment and will not entitle you to free or low cost private treatment.  It will also not cover the cost of urgent repatriation to DK, so it is always wise to have a good Travel insurance policy in place.

It is important to be covered by insurance when you take a trip, because sudden injury or illness can otherwise be both expensive and inconvenient. If you have to travel in the area covered by the blue European Health Insurance Card, then you are covered on an equal footing with the citizens of the country in which you are travelling. The Danish yellow social security card cannot be used as travel health insurance outside of Denmark, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.

Covers the entire household

Covers the entire household

When you purchase travel insurance through us, we co-insure the entire household.

Receive coverage up to 10.723 DKK

Receive coverage up to 10.723 DKK

If you rent a car abroad, we cover any eventual deductible up to 10.723 DKK (index 2018).

Travelling with a friend

Travelling with a friend

If you travel abroad with a friend, he/she will also be covered by your travel insurance

The insurance covers

Travel insurance

The Travel insurance for Europe covers the countries covered by the blue European Health Insurance Card. Alternatively you can choose worldwide coverage.



The insurance covers trips lasting up to 60 days. In the FAQ section, you can read what you should do if you plan to travel more than 60 days. 

Trips lasting up to 60 days.

Trips lasting up to 60 days.

The insurance covers all members of your household, even when your spouse and children are travelling without you as the policyholder.

People with coverage.

People with coverage.

You also have the possibility to purchase cancellation insurance.

Read more about cancellation insurance.



If you are travelling as the only person in your household, your friend is also covered by your travel insurance. Note that you must travel both out and back together.

The policy allows for compensation if the purpose of the holiday is ruined because of a fracture, ligament injury, dislocation or sprain.

The insurance covers repatriation to Denmark in the event of illness, injury or death.

The insurance covers the cost of repatriation if a family member suddenly becomes seriously ill. If you have driven on holiday in your own car in Europe, we will also make sure that your car and any caravan are returned home.

The insurance enables your co-insured travel companions to remain with you if you become ill.

The insurance covers baggage delay if it is delayed for more than five hours.

The insurance covers if, through no fault of your own, you arrive late for public transport or for transport provided by a tour operator.

The insurance covers additional expenses in case of an evacuation and/or involuntary stay, if a Danish public authority recommends an evacuation. You will also receive compensation if the local authorities encourage you to leave the place where you are staying, or they involuntarily detain you.

If you participate in dangerous sports in the context of a trip, you can receive compensation if you suffer an accident. You can get coverage for the following sports/activities:

  • Triathlon
  • Motorcycle racing, horse racing or bicycle racing
  • Diving
  • Jet scooter and jet skiing
  • Paragliding and bungee jumping
  • Parachuting and gliding (must be registered)
  • Boxing, karate and other martial arts

The form is indicative and is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.


Your travel insurance generally covers up to 60 days per journey.

  • If you are travelling for more than 60 days, contact Tryg Forsikring on +45 7033 2525 and tell them you are an IDA member.
  • Ask if you can extend your travel insurance, because you are travelling for more than 60 days.

Changed coverage
Please be aware that if Tryg extend your travel insurance, the following coverings are not included:

  • Travel guarantee
  • Replacement trip
  • Lost vacation days

 These three benefits will be suspended during the entire trip.

Read more in the terms and conditions.

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The travel insurance covers all members of the household, even when you travel separately. Your children's ages make no difference; as long as they are registered at the same address as you, they are covered.

Shared children
If you have shared children due to divorce, they are also covered by the insurance, even if they don’t live at the same address as you.

Who else is covered?
The insurance also covers:

  • Your roommate
  • Youngsters under 21 years old - must live alone and do not have children living at home.
  • Foster children - must live at the same address as you.
  • Au pair - must live at the same address as you.
  • Exchange student – when they live with you.
  • Spouse and/or partner – living in a nursing home.
  • A friend, and part of your household, staying alone as you travel.


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If you need to apply for a visa for Russia og Cuba then you need a confirmation from us, stating that your Travel insurance will cover. You can order the confirmation by contacting us at: +45 70 21 01 91.

It takes approximately 2 days to issue the confirmation. 

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