Accident insurance - bought before 3th of September 2018

Read how your insurance cover, if you have bought it before 3th of September 2018. You can also download the insurance conditions. 

The insurance covers

Accident insurance

The insurance covers you if you are injured and will be left with a permanent disability. In order to receive compensation, the degree of permanent disability must be at least 5%.

Dental injury after an accident is covered by the insurance.

If you buy Accident insurance, your expenses for treatment after an accident will be covered.

If you have an Accident resulting in permanent physical impairment of 30% or more, you will be entitled to receive double compensation. For example, if you have selected an insurance sum for disability of DKK 1,250,000 and you have a disability of 30%, you will receive DKK 750,000 in compensation through the Accident insurance (2 x 30% of DKK 1,250,000).

The insurance covers in case of death resulting from an accident. It's usually your closest relatives who receive the compensation, but you can choose who should be the beneficiary.


This option provides you with maximum compensation in case of a motorcycle accident.


If you engage in a dangerous sport like boxing, self-defence, mountaineering, skydiving or motor racing, it is a very good idea to choose dangerous sport as additional cover. Without coverage, you will not receive compensation if you have an accident in connection with a dangerous sport.


You can choose to extend your insurance so that you receive higher coverage if you have certain body parts amputated.


If you are already deaf or have severe hearing impairment in one ear or are blind or have significantly reduced sight in one eye, you can choose to supplement the Accident insurance with sight/hearing cover. In the event of an accident, where you lose your hearing or sight in your healthy ear or eye, you will receive a higher compensation than you would otherwise have received.


If you have chosen to have full-time Accident insurance, and you are e.g. a doctor, nurse or laboratory technician, you can choose to supplement with infection coverage. This covers all types of infections that may arise in connection with your work.


The forms are indicative and is an extract from the insurance terms and conditions. Any compensation will be calculated according to the rules in the insurance terms and conditions.